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Content Selling in Woocommerce

**Content Selling in Woocommerce** plugin lets you add protected page and post contents like training materials, videos, pdf tutorials included within pages, posts and other post type pages and associate them with Woocommerce product, which when purchased the customer get access to the protected content. Can be used to sell video tutorials, pdf contents and other  digital data as products. Access can be limited to specific time duration with password protection and also only with customer login access.

= Add multiple named protected contents  with Options =
* Option Available under Woocommerce Settings Tab
* Add multiple access licenses and link with a Woocommerce product with a price
* Each Access license can protect multiple pages and posts under a custom post type
* With validaity of specific number of days from the date of purchase.

**How to use the Plugin?**

Download, Install and Activate the plugin.

Plugin Settings available under Woocommerce->Settings->Content Sell Licenses.

Create one or more required "License access" associated any existing woocommerce product and multiple pages, posts or custom post types.

Edit the pages/posts/custom post type to be protected and mark those as "Protected", so those cant be accessed or viewed without access.

When the license associated product is bought, their "completed order" email will have links to access the protected pages/posts.Those links can also be accessed from the MyAccount->order details page.


This is not a membership plugin, you can assiciate digital content/files to your any physical or virtual product sold in your wordpress website, get it protected and given access to your customers.