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Shipping options for Wordpress Woocommerce Shops

Wordpress with WooCommerce as the ecommerce solution is a great success and become a standard solution used by scores of websites.

Woocommerce is  the most popular plugin easy to setup but requires paying a great deal of attention to many business-related and technical details for giving the customers a fluent shopping experience.

Apart from the catalog with multiple options to list and display product info within multiple categories and brands, the checkout process involves allowing the customer to choose the right shipping and payment options available.

Store owners selling physical products need to take their order products to your customers and need the best shipping options with the best rates to choose from.

 Woocommerce almost supports most of the shipping services by default, with the multiple plugins and customizations.


WooCommerce default shipping options

WooCommerce by default supports most of your basic shipping needs without any additional plugins,

some of the default methods includes,

  • Flat rate shipping: Shipping costs with a flat rate per item per order and or shipping class.
  • Free shipping: Free shipping can be enabled with options conditions above certain order total and with coupons and for specific shipping classes.
  • Local pickup: Allow customers to pick up their orders at a physical location without any costs involved.

WooCommerce Additional Shipping Options using plugins

Apart from the default shipping options, some the best plugins commonly used by website owners include

  • Table Rate shipping: Available as free and paid plugins that can allow us to setup range of conditions based on price range and product groups setup using shipping classes.
  • Fedex Shipping module for Woocommerce
  • USPS shipping modules for Woocommerce
  • UPS shipping module for Woocommerce

These shipping careers allow us to use their services and provide dynamic rates based on the product dimensions and weight of the product, These provide multiple shipping options to choose as per the customer's requirement.

  • Individual Shipping: Individual shipping rates gives the options to select shipping rate per product as special cases based on quantity in cart of the specific product.

 There are basic steps to setup your shipping in your Woocommerce store.

  1. Create new shipping zones One each for the zones the rates vary. One for the country the physical store operates and one for International including other countries if the store supports international shipping.
  2. Setup the shipping classes, these classes are used to group product based on shipping methods.
  3. Assign the product to the appropriate shipping classes
  4. Setup the shipping options.
  5. Test the Shipping rates.


If you have some questions or requirements on the WooCommerce shipping options, please contact me to get to the best solution.